What We Do

Many of today’s military assets rely heavily on stealth technology to effectively execute their mission. Stealth technology enhances the mission effectiveness and survival rate of these assets by reducing their radar signature and therefore the detection by enemy radar. Operating primarily in the Defense industry, Sensor Concepts Inc. (SCI) provides our customers with the confidence that their stealth asset is mission ready. We achieve this by providing integrated measurement systems which are highly capable, portable and easy to operate. These integrated measurement systems utilize radar technology to measure and to help maintain the radar signature of our customer’s asset. Our products are used throughout the lifecycle of stealth assets, starting in R&D and continuing through manufacturing and extending to the operational environment.

Who We Are

The SCI product team consists of multi-disciplined individuals with expertise in RF/Microwave hardware development and test methodologies, software development including user interface and control, algorithm development and field service. Cross-discipline assignments are encouraged in order to develop the skills necessary to provide the customer with the optimal total system solution. Extensive field measurement experience helps SCI develop products that work "first time" in challenging field environments. Supported by a talented administrative staff, SCI thrives in the current "quick reaction" business environment and prides itself with on-time deliveries.

SCI was founded in 1996 by Michael Sanders (President) and John Ashton (Vice President) and currently employs a talented staff of individuals while continuing to look for new members to add to our growing team.