Notice:  Inactive Product

Sensor Concepts Inc. strives to provide the highest level of service and support to all of our customers. Please note, SCI has extended the full service and support period to the end of the calendar year. Reference the table below for key dates regarding the support of this product.


Program Activity

August 2016 Final Production Date
December 31, 2021 End of Full Support
December 31, 2023 End of Limited Support

For additional information on the support of this product please see the system support page.

Product Description

The SCI-2k-ES (Engineering Series) measurement system is powered by a SCI-2k Portable Imaging System. The SCI-2k radar employs a single channel receiver that is configured to operate in one of the three software selectable frequency bands. Each frequency band is configured independently and user-definable setups are available for saving all radar settings. These system setup files can be recalled to automatically configure the radar. This system supports sub-band frequency sweeps that are optimal for the fastest possible measurements. The SCI-2k incorporates hi-speed RF switches and RF attenuators that will allow for multiple frequency sweeps “on the fly”.

The ES Integrated Measurement System also includes antennas, Rail, supporting mounts, calibration targets set, a video/Laser/tilt module, a position data system and shipping containers.

RF Specifications

  • Frequency Coverage: 2 - 18GHz
  • Measurement Range: 10' to 400'
  • Dual Polarized Antennas

Physical Support Structure

  • Measurement Height: 18" to 54"
  • Aperture Length: 10' Max.
  • Antenna Pitch: ±20°
  • Ruggedized Shipping Containers
  • No Tools Required For Assembly

System Support

The SCI-2k-ES system comes with a one year warranty. Additional System Support includes Basic Coverage and a System Verification Testing as outlined in the System Support section. An initial System Set-up Trip to the customer‘s site (within the continental US) is also provided and should be scheduled prior to operating the system unless prior arrangements have been made with SCI. It is the customer's responsibility to schedule the System Verification Testing prior to the end of the warranty period. If not exercised, support for the System Verification Testing will expire at the end of the warranty period.

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