Notice:  Inactive Product

Sensor Concepts Inc. strives to provide the highest level of service and support to all of our customers. Please note, SCI has extended the full service and support period to the end of the calendar year. Reference the table below for key dates regarding the support of this product.


Program Activity

October 2015 Final Production Date
December 31, 2020 End of Full Support
December 31, 2022 End of Limited Support

For additional information on the support of this product please see the system support page.

Product Description

The SCI-Xe-AC measurement system is powered by a SCI-Xe Portable Imaging System. The SCI-Xe-AC system provides the ability to perform zone and sub-zone imaging while maintaining all of the acquisition and data reduction capabilities of the SCI-2k. The small footprint allows for even easier field utilization. This system provides measurements at a nominal range of 10 feet. The core system comes complete with integrated antennas, a nominal 55 inch linear stage with pitch control, 4.5-18GHz Radar subsystem, integrated Video/Laser and a computer system.

The SCI-Xe-AC Integrated Measurement System also includes a position data system, physical support structure and shipping container.

RF Specifications

  • Frequency Coverage: 4.5 - 18GHz
  • Measurement Range: 5' to 22'
  • Dual Polarized Antennas

Physical Support Structure

  • Measurement Height: 8" to 16.5'
  • Aperture Length: 55" Max.
  • Antenna Pitch: ±20°
  • Ruggedized Shipping Container
  • No Tools Required For Assembly

System Support

The SCI-Xe-AC system comes with a one year warranty. Additional System Support includes Basic Coverage and a System Verification Testing as outlined in the System Support section. An initial System Set-up Trip to the customer‘s site (within the continental US) is also provided and should be scheduled prior to operating the system unless prior arrangements have been made with SCI. It is the customer's responsibility to schedule the System Verification Testing prior to the end of the warranty period. If not exercised, support for the System Verification Testing will expire at the end of the warranty period.